Bridging the gap between emotional and physical well-being in a way that is environmentally responsible, holistic, and – most of all – puts your health first!

Behind good health lies good science.

That’s why we focus on using evidence from studies to formulate products that really work! As a result, we are changing the industry’s approach to skincare and wellness. Each product is born out of real health needs, curiosity about the best plant-based treatments, and scientific proof. To maintain the power and effectiveness of our formulas, we take sourcing seriously. We prioritise both certified-organic and wild-harvested ingredients for a strictly controlled supply chain.

We use microencapsulation technology to increase bioavailability – the ability of the body to use the ingredients. In addition, when you purchase one of our products, you can be sure it has been carefully blended and packaged to promote freshness and quality.

Our scientific team creates each formulation in our own in-house laboratory, where we keep modern human needs in mind to deliver results for real-world wellness issues. In the functional beauty and wellness industry, integrity is rare. Operating our own our lab and having the whole production chain in our building allow us to proudly ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our products.

The experts behind our products are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Our scientific team works in cooperation with leading university researchers and institutes such the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) and the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Technology of the Lithuanian Center for Agrarian and Forest Sciences.


Health is beauty
Our approach to beauty is holistic because beauty comes naturally to a healthy body and spirit. To help clients balance their mental and emotional wellness and reflect that beauty from within, we’ve developed the Ki Touch of Wellness line, a structural part of our beauty essentials line.
All of our products are 100% natural, certified, and vegan. Nature is the essence behind all of our powerful, health-improving elixirs. We are proud to own our lab and have the ability to monitor the production chain, which takes place in our building from start to finish. This careful oversight allows us to ensure the purity and high performance of our products. But before any ingredient is determined to fit for production, its quality is examined. We take sourcing very seriously, tracing each ingredient through the supply chain and prioritizing both certified-organic and wild-harvested ingredients. You can also rest easy knowing that our products are free of preservatives and harmful solutions such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, or mercury or oxybenzone.
Animals are not ingredients
Our formulas and ingredients are 100% vegan. Our products improve the skin and heal the body and spirit using only the power of plants. We do not test on animals and do not pay others to do so.
Human factor
We believe each person possesses the extraordinary capacity to heal! Therefore, we named our KI collection “Touch of Wellness,” which recognizes conscious self-massage as a healing method that is made even more powerful through the use of high-quality essential oils and the science behind their effectiveness. We are part of a global change where people seek products, experiences, and services designed around the pleasant feelings they produce. Emotional and physical wellness is our focus, and we use science and nature to maximize our potential – and the potential of our ingredients – down to the cellular and microbial levels.

Try it all out for yourself.