Personalised Beauty And Wellness Questionnaire

Here at You&Oil we care to offer your skin and body what's best for it. With a vast variety of natural skincare and wellness products, we have a solution for nearly any problem. But for the suggestions to be right for you, we need to get to know you a bit better. This test should take no longer than 3 minutes and offer a personalised routine suggestion for your concerns that you care about the most.

Tell us about you!1

We care to make this beauty and wellness suggestion as personal as possible. So why don't we get to know each other better first?

How old are you?2

Age is an important factor when it comes to the condition of your skin. Knowing your age will let us pick a more specific solution for you!

What is your gender? 3

Some sources state there are over 50 human genders! However, we keep it simple :)

How many glasses of water do you drink per day?4

Consuming not enough or too much water will affect your skin.

Do you smoke?5

Many people find smoking pleasurable. But we all know smoking affects your beauty and health. Can this be the cause of your beauty or wellness problems?

Are you pregnant or actively trying to become?6

Did you know that You&Oil was started when our founder Birute was expecting her first twins? Pregnancy is one of the greatest life cycles that a woman can go through. However, this is also when your body becomes overly-sensitive to some ingredients and should avoid them.

Do you often have a bad sleep?1

Do you often experience stress?2

Are you feeling any cold symptoms? (Select a few)3

You may choose one or more

Do you keep any pets at home?4

Do you consume raw vegetables or unprocessed meats?5

Are you happy with a color of your teeth?6

Are you currently on a diet? 7

Where do you usually eat at?8

Which of these is your favorite taste?9

How high is your libido?10

Do you have a partner?11

Do you often feel a lack of energy?12

Are you having painful menstruations?13

Do you often lack concentration (at work/studies)?14

What is your skin type?1

What's your main skincare concern?2

Do you live in a polluted environment, city?3

Are you currently using natural beauty products?4

Does your skin react after using natural skincare? (acne, rash, redness)5

Does your hair look like a haystack after using natural shampoos?6

Is cellulite one of your beauty concerns?7

Are you bothered by any of these specific beauty problems? 8

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