Using oil to cleanse the skin


But how do you restore the cleanness? After all, the skin is quite a peculiar surface. It secretes a specific product called sebum, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands located in the dermis. Sebum helps the skin keep its moisture and maintain its elasticity; it’s also waterproof and that is precisely why water-based products or water itself is not enough in order to clean the skin.


Once in contact with dirt, the oil secreted by the skin becomes a harmful lumber. To remove this blend, a product that resembles its nature is required. Chemistry science has proven that similar dissolves similar so in order to clean the skin thoroughly you need oil. Its chemical structure is able to dissolve the ingrained dirt accumulated in the pores and remove the formations of fat and dead cells. The oil works like a magnet that collects what is no longer serving the skin, not only on the surface but also in the more remote areas. The skin can breathe again and remember its natural state – the healthy state of cleanness.

Here are the steps on how to cleanse the skin using oil.

1. Make sure the surface of the face is clean. Cleanse the skin using You & Oil face wash.
2. Moisten your skin. Use You & Oil tonic or water. This is an important step because oil will only work when in duet with water. Without moistening the skin, you might get the wrong impression that oil doesn’t soak in and leaves shiny traces.
3. Apply a few drops of oil that’s suitable for your skin type. For dehydrated skin choose Nourish and Vitalise, for combination or oily skin – Nourish and Balance, for mature skin choose Nourish and Energise. Eventually you will learn how much of a particular oil mixture your skin requires: two, three or five drops.
4. Massage oil into the skin for 4-8 minutes using circular movements. During this time the oil will work like a magnet by attracting dirt from the pores. If your skin is prone to oiliness, intensively massage the T zone and areas where acne is formed. If you massage them regularly (3-4 times per week), eventually pimples disappear and blackheads stop forming.
5. Wash the skin. Use You & Oil face wash. Without washing it all off, the dirt remains on the skin.
6. Nourish the skin. Apply You & Oil serum. Choose between a hydrating or a vitamin one depending on the condition of your skin. You can also apply moisturising face cream instead.
7. Repeat the cleansing procedure regularly. If your skin is dehydrated or mature, cleanse the face with oil 2-3 times a week; if it’s combination skin prone to oiliness, the procedure is required more frequently, 3-4 times a week.
8. Feel your skin being clean again.


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