Touch of Wellness


“Preventive medicine is medicine of the future, and aromatherapy is one of its main fields”, an excerpt from Maggie Tisserand’s book “Aromatherapy for Women” reads. Natural essential oils are exceptionally penetrative and active pharmacological substances, so even the tiniest drop of essential oil can be very powerful and valuable. Science has already proven the capacity of essential oils to neutralise threats like viruses, bacteria, fungi. Unlike most chemical drugs, appropriately used essential oils act in a subtle way, keeping our sensitive immune system in balance. Thus aromatherapy – as a sustainable, often superior method of treatment – is legitimised in most countries, and it will be so in Lithuania soon.

Preventive medicine is medicine of the future, and aromatherapy is one of its main fields.

Aromatherapy is closely related to the personality, to its intentions, character and even thoughts – essential oils affect our intellectual and emotional states. That’s why it’s crucial to create a nourishing and strengthening relationship with your body, with the powers of its vitality and health. This allows you to know yourself better, and we call it “Touch of Wellness” exactly because of that. A touch of nature, knowledge, consciousness and love.
The skin is the largest sense organ, you can send signals to the immune system through it. We make sure that you are able to use this relationship and awaken the body’s abilities to recreate health by stimulating active body points with bioactive essential oil blends “You & Oil KI”. Created by specialists of aromatherapy, these blends are synergistic – one oil makes another one stronger – therefore KI products are much more effective than essential oils made from just a single plant.


Essential oils work through skin or inhalation. “You & Oil KI” recommends stimulating particular body points with touch and delicate rubbing, letting the internal resources be of use for healing. Every point marks a specific cluster of blood vessels that are used by active substances to spread the effects. Essential oils speed up oxygen’s access to the body cells, this also improves metabolism and regeneration processes, helps people stay healthy or get healthy sooner when they’re not feeling well. “You & Oil KI” offers natural remedies instead of chemical ones to fight various ailments.


“You & Oil KI” bioactive essential oil blends are created for:
– treating cold,
– getting through emotional issues,
– helping with other ailments.


Feel the touch of wellness!