The skin is alive


If you’re asking, I suggest you choose natural and essential oil blends from You & Oil to feed me, and natural You & Oil KI compositions to heal me. These creations respect who I am: every element listens to what I have to say and acts carefully, with precision. After all, I am the skin and I can feel it. Your link to the world starts with me. I am you. I feel alive when our relationship is nourishing. Feed me – let me live a complete life and so will you. You are me.

The skin is lively and sentient, it speaks for itself and with you. Do you know how to listen to it? It shows what you feel, think, eat, where you live and how you see yourself. It’s the biggest organ of yours and a living reflection of you and your surroundings, the main barrier protecting us from outside factors, also capable of resorption and detox. Having this in mind, why do you still see the skin as if it was a patch of cloth that can be dealt with using the triumph of chemicals?

Nourish your skin and let its life be complete.

We care as much about the inside of the skin as we do about the outside. The basis of a strong and lively skin lies in its ability to preserve moisture, and that depends on the activity of its cells – can it synthesize ceramides, the lipids (fats) that are important for the skin’s barrier, and other biological substances? The creation of our products begins at a single cell, at the concept of nourishing the skin rather than just dealing with it.

Ecological blends of vegetable oils, essential oils and plant extracts are at the core of “You & Oil” products. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, active substances capable of penetrating deeper layers of the skin and necessary for the synthesis of epidermal lipids and phospholipids of membranes, these compositions regulate vital processes of the skin and let it keep its humidity, thus slowing the aging down. A drop of essential oils contains a strong concentration of active substances gathered by the plant, which then work their way into the deepest layers. That’s why ecological plant & essential oil blends are the best kind of food for your skin.