Holidays for your skin!


We seek to edit the skin by using decorative cosmetics. At the very core, the main purpose of make-up is to modify the appearance of our skin: to make the skin tone even, to make the surface smooth, to create an illusion. This means that for one or another reason we refuse to accept the state of our skin that is naturally present at that time. Without getting involved in the discussion of why we are usually reluctant to accept our natural face, we would like to talk about the practical effects of decorative cosmetics on the skin.


First of all, face make-up has a tendency to congest our pores which therefore prevents the skin from getting the oxygen it needs – there’s simply no more space for the circulation of it. In addition, the little particles of decorative cosmetics, e.g. fluid or powder foundation, may remain in the pores, even when we feel we have cleansed the surface thoroughly. As a result, in the course of time there are layers of dirt residing in our pores. This clogs them and absorbs the moisture necessary for the skin to keep it’s livelihood, therefore the face looses it’s natural fresh look. Which, ironically, is exactly what we are trying to recreate with make-up.


It’s obvious that by using cosmetics we enter into a vicious circle. We choose make-up to make the skin look more attractive but after a while the use of make-up leaves our skin looking tired, spotty and weary. Then we try to recreate the vitality by applying even more different products, such as foundation, bronzer, blush and so forth. This way we become dependent on make-up and the effects it gives.


If we long to break this flawed cycle, we must provide our skin with a chance to recover. We have to give it a holiday from something that works against the nature of the skin. As mentioned before, the purpose of decorative cosmetics is not to maintain the innate complexion, it’s rather to edit it. That is why a pause from cosmetics can allow the skin to remember itself. If we allow skin to be free from make-up for a little while, we will create conditions for it to restore the right amount of moisture and oxygen, to cleanse itself.


Before giving your skin a holiday free of make-up, be sure to remove any dirt remaining in the pores. To do this you can choose a You&Oil cleanser with lavender water that cleanses and refreshes the skin cells, while the chamomile extract overacts bacteria and brightens the skin. For deeper cleansing and nutrition, use oil cleansing method with the right oil for your skin type.

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After this period, you will recognise your true, joyful, vivacious skin again. It will feel rested just like you feel after a slowdown time when you actually follow a different regime. After all, wouldn’t it be a real joy if the skin would get the compliments you get when you come back from the holidays? Try it!