Different planets have different moons


When we get caught by inertia of living, we start miming the actions of others, the opinions of others, even mere sentences. What did the headlines advice? Wait, what did that person do in a similar situation? What are the choices of people from movies that I don’t even know in person? You could say sometimes these are possible means of moving forward. However, that only works in a terrible hurry. The choice sounds at least somewhat secure if someone has tested it.

Yet eventually, there comes a moment when you have to scrutinise it yourself. At least out of curiosity. But most importantly – because you wish well to yourself. The ways of others are not necessarily my ways. Different planets have different moons. And that is for a reason. This creates unity and universe. The Earth is circled by the Moon. Jupiter is by Caliste. Saturn has Titan, Dione and Japet. But these don’t ever circle Neptune! That’s because Neptune has Nayad, Despine and Sao. And Venus – she has no moons at all. But she’s still there, travelling around The Sun. Every planet has different circumstances and positions. Planets never copy. They haven’t forgotten their nature.

Nuances. Do they matter? Madly! One mosquito changes the whole atmosphere. One heel changes the walk. One pixel changes the vision. One ingredient changes the recipe.

At the laboratory of “You & Oil” we are exploring the skin. What is the nature, the ways and the needs of the skin? We explore it every day and tell you what we have found out with our products. Of course, exploring the skin comes with benefits: skin is the surface of a personal planet, its what every new connection starts from.

That’s why, by choosing to explore skin, we’ve chosen to explore what is a person’s relationship with the world. It’s a whole new laboratory. Dedicated to the science of self-love and attention towards oneself. Requiring not a tiny bit less responsibility or work. Oh yes, nowadays, when there are tons of layers of information on our shoulders, one really has to make an effort to not carry around the unnecessary or false stories. Inside a monstrous pile of wires, we need to find the right cables that can charge us. A person should only keep the clean and essential ingredients. Whatever is not nutritious, doesn’t nourish us. Meetings that are not happening with free will do not nourish. Duties that bring use only to the receiving side do not nourish. Agreeing to do something only because it feels too uncomfortable to say “no” doesn’t nourish. Overworking doesn’t nourish. Boasting doesn’t nourish. Excess does not nourish either.

What does nourish us is curiosity. Knowledge. Information that we make an effort to find, check and compare on our own. Clean water and hobbies nourish us. We believe that nourishing are all the things that comply with the nature of a certain entity. A drop of oil can be enough to nourish the skin because its contents resemble the one of skin. We have explored that. First, we’re gathering information. Only later, based on it, intuition appears. Which is absolutely essential in the laboratory of self-love. Intuition allows one to find unexpected and authentic moves, create original compositions. But, knowledge is needed in order to shape a genuine sixth sense. Only having walked that path first – the path of being persistent in gathering information, and then strengthening my sixth sense. Only then I’m circled by the right moons. The right ones for me.


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