A Drop Of Oxygen Can Take You Far


Sooner or later the moment comes. The very specific moment when you want (or need) a quick fix. The need to apply something on your face that will make you feel like just after a facial. We all know slow lifestyles are good… yet the moment for a quick-solution comes and you want to feel like a “filter” was applied in real life, a quick and transformative booster for your face. You want to feel touched by a magic wand and continue with your life without thinking too much.

For such a moment You&Oil formulated an incredible collection of Beauty Shots to take you exactly where you wanna be.

Oxygen is one of our favorites as it takes all the benefits of your cream deeper into your skin.

Can it be possible? A drop? Only a drop?

Yes. One drop in your favorite cream will take all the benefits of your cream to the deepest skin layer.! It also contains red algae extract, it will detoxify and rejuvenate your skin and oxygenate connective tissue cells. You can also use this as a solo serum before your cream to get a super-doze of vitamin B’s & C to your deep skin. Results? A super moisturized and hydrated skin.

You&Oil is re-writing history and creating a new beauty culture, a new language, new routines, and a new business model. Because as humans we are not the same we were a year ago, we want innovation that truly helps without fanciness.