4 COMMON PROBLEMS when switching from synthetic to natural cosmetics.


“Oil for the skin? No thanks! – that’s what we always hear. What are the most common challenges when trying natural skincare products for the first time?

I had to argue with my friends – none of the skincare oils worked for them. Only later we realized that we use them completely differently! The natural active ingredients are very active, so they can really cause a strong reaction if the skin is not accustomed. Here are some of the reactions that often occur to novice natural remedies and advice on how to avoid that!

First, the skin may dry out. Depending on the type of skin, the products used before, and even the season, the skin can rebel by losing moisture. The most common problems are when natural oils or other natural active ingredients are used incorrectly – for example, when applied to unprepared skin. First, the skin must be well cleaned – and not just its surface. Second, the skin should be moisturized before applying the oil. The ratio of the oil to the water creates an emulsion that is favorably received by the skin. If you apply the oil on dry skin, it will remove the moisture needed for the active ingredients in the oil to activate. And the result is not pleasing – dry skin. Although it would be enough to moisten it with a natural hydrolate or a drop of water, and the skin would accept the oils quite differently. Naturally – and the result would be significantly different. Give it a try!

Sometimes, the opposite scenario also happens – the skin becomes oily when you start using natural oils. Those who already have oily skin are particularly afraid of this end result. This even gave birth to the myth that essential oils are not suitable for oily skin. This is not true. It is not suitable for poor quality oil combinations and incorrect use of any natural remedies. If at all possible – do not apply unreliable products to skin. Essential oils are extremely complex and powerful, so their blends must be developed by professionals. At You&Oil Labs, we test oil combinations for a very long time until we find the right composition. Then we test again.

And then comes the scariest part that everyone’s afraid of – acne and rashes. They can be caused by insensitively chosen natural remedies. Or the wrong way to deliver them to the skin after years of synthetic ingredients. After all, people choose synthetic skincare products carefully, according to their skin type, right? The same should be done when choosing natural products as well. It is not enough to use some coconut oil and expect significant changes. Some preparation must be done first. Ant the recipe should be made by experts, carefully designed for a specific skin type. And if you have acne, you need to understand that its causes are often both external and internal. Natural remedies can help to fix the external ones, but that’s only half the job.

Oils or other bioactive products can shock the skin that is used to have been fed by synthetics for many years. Therefore, be consistent and patient when switching to natural skincare.

Here at You&Oil labs we are dedicated to breaking the myth that “natural” is “not effective”. We’ve developed a special “RESTART” detox routine that helps thoroughly clean your skin and prepare it for the natural beauty products.

At least a couple of times a year, it is simply necessary to allow the skin and hair to rest from polluting substances and take holidays from silicone, parabens and ammonia! Contaminated with silicones and other harmful particles, skin and hair no longer understand what’s best for it and refuse to accept natural products.

RESTART SKIN”, “RESTART HAIR”, “RESTART SKIN&HAIR” are unparalleled detox routines that are essential when switching from regular to natural products and better beauty achievements even with synthetic products. It’s rich in oils composition cleanses, detoxes, nourishes and prepares to effectively accept natural beauty products. Explore a range of RESTART detox routines HERE.

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