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We love skin, the planet, happy people and communities.

You and oil organic oil skin care
You and oil organic oil skin care

Bridging the gap between emotional and physical well-being in a way that is environmentally responsible, holistic, and – most of all – puts your health first!

Organic, plant-based beauty and wellness communities in 25 countries love and trust our award-winning formulas and packaging.

100% Natural & organic.
Vegan & cruelty-free
Inspired by real life and real people problems
Loved and trusted in over 20 countries worldwide.

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Our story

A brand inspired by real life, real people and real problems

You and Oil founder Birute Nastaraviciute
You and Oil founder Birute Nastaraviciute
Birute Nastaraviciute
Founder & CEO

Inspired by both nature and science, Birute Nastaraviciute founded You&Oil back in 2013. During her first pregnancy, Birute was overwhelmed by how harmful many everyday products were. She set out on a difficult yet rewarding journey to create a healthy, organic alternative that focuses on what really works. Driven by creativity, curiosity and the desire to help others, she envisioned a company developing clean products meant to heal and solve real-life problems.

Birute attracted a passionate team of talented scientists and decided to change the wellness industry from the bottom up. The company started to source single-origin plants to extract their full spectrum of beneficial nutrients, leaving nothing out. All the beneficial fats, proteins, vitamins and amino acids stay in the bottle – just like they should. Operating a company producing such organic, sustainable and additive-free formulas is not easy, but so far, the company is becoming a leader in the child and adult wellness sector and a global example of innovation and alternative healing.

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