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Wellness comes first!

True beauty can be achieved only when the body and mind are healthy. Choose from a wide variety of effective wellness products for emotional, cold-related and other specific issue treatment and prevention. Suitable for adults, children and even babies.
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Then follows beauty...

The skin is the surface of your personal planet. It connects you to the world. Let it be a nourishing relationship. A wide variety of award-winning, natural essential oil-based beauty products for face, body and hair. Suitable for any skin type and age.
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Here nature meets science
You&Oil products are exclusively developed in-house from the beginning to the end. Each product is created and carefully tested by our Ph Doctors of Sciences. Our Factory - is where Nature meets Science and innovative bio-active
beauty & wellness products are born.
Science behind the brand

We believe in beautiful people inside out

100% Natural & Organic. Because your body deserves it.
Vegan & Cruelty free. All the good things only.
Inspired by real life and real people problems.
Loved and trusted in over 20 countries worldwide.
My baby doesn’t like taking medicine when he is ill and this oil is just so convenient. All I gotta do is massage it into his chest and wait for it to work its magic.
Favourite product
KI Kids-Dry Cough
12.9 €
My favorite product is the balance cream for combination skin. Absolutely love this product! My skin appreciates it and it makes my face look smooth and soft to touch. My pores seem smaller and the redness from acne starts disappearing. It also gives me a nice glow without making my face look oily. Which is all I need!
Favourite product
Face Cream Combination Skin. Nourish and Balance
22.9 €
Amazing products, I have used them for years and I really enjoy specially Beauty Shots! Can't imagine my skincare routine without these potent serums. Love the texture and how my skin feels!
Favourite product
Beauty Shot Face Serum Collagen
16 €
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